Reports and Special Analysis

Cost calculation 90%
Accounting expertise 80%
Refurbishment of the previous year's accountinge 65%
Analysis of receivables and debts 78%

The Finance Top Accounting team will analyze and periodically and on-demand financial reports and financial analysis. Professional analyzes with accurate and real-time data enable customers to get the best decision in time and in their favor. Only with the help of relevant information and obtained in time can notable performances.

Performing complex reports and analyzes, depending on the specifics of the activity and the requirements of the management, namely income and expense budgets, cash flow, company profitability analysis, global and departmental, etc.;

  • Cost calculation;
  • Accounting expertise;
  • Restoration of accounting for the previous period;
  • Our team helps business managers by offering the following financial and accounting reporting services;
  • Drafting reports and analyzes tailored to the needs of each client;
  • Analysis of cash flows;
  • Drawing up the revenue and expenditure budget;
  • Debt and Debt Analysis;
  • Analysis of the opportunity to make an investment, etc