Personal Services – Payroll

In addition to salary computing and accounting, we also take over the work-room relationship, so you do not have to waste time at bureaus for bureaucratic practices such as registration of contracts, additional documents, etc.

We are ready to offer you solutions and services for the personnel issues you are facing. In partnership with us, you can avoid the frequent errors that are being made in applying the legal provisions, avoiding the unpleasant consequences of such mistakes: fines, financial losses, labor conflicts, endless processes.

The personnel and salary services you can benefit from are:

  • Drafting and registration of the Work Contract for each new employee;
  • Drawing up the Paying State and calculating the monthly salary rights;
  • Drawing up payment orders related to budgetary obligations and special funds;
  • Drawing up and submitting the declarations regarding the obligations to the state budget and to the social insurance, as well as to the beneficiaries of the special funds;
  • Drawing up and filing tax records for employees;
  • Drawing up the documents at the conclusion, modification or termination of the Work Contract