General or financial accounting (accounting, accounting, financial accounting, financial accounting) is intended to record the enterprise’s transactions with the external environment for the periodic determination of the financial and financial situation and the result obtained.

  • Accounting chronological and systematic accounting of primary documents;
  • Fixed assets evidence, amortization calculation;
  • Analytical and synthetic evidence for clients and suppliers, other claims and obligations;
  • Treasury accounts (banks, house, treasury advances);
  • Monthly compilation of the verification balance, journal and other accounting records;
  • Quarterly VAT and income / profit tax calculation;
  • Drawing up and filing tax returns required by applicable law;
  • Preparation of half-yearly and annual financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement, balance sheet annexes, etc.) in accordance with the legislation in force and their submission to the competent bodies;
  • Inventory and valuation of the patrimony on December 31, according to the legislation in force